How to load a variable value into a Execute SQL Task

Lets take a look at  a simple example of how to load a variable value into execute sql task in the control flow

We  need to update a table called Employee in the database according to the value supplied to the variable

so lets create  a  variable called ID  , Data type Int32

lets drag and drop a execute sql task into control flow and make the necessary connections

Query we used in the sql task is a simple  update query, in order to map the ID value of the variable to the id value in the where clause of the update query we use a question

once we written the query now we need to do the parameter mapping for the variable

To the left side of the Execute SQL Task there is a option called parameter mapping once we click it it will show the mapping list which will be empty

Click the add button

Browse the available parameters in the parameter name  and select the variable  User:ID

and now lets execute the package

lets see the result

That’s it! for today Thank you


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