SQL server 2012 ,Introduction to Reporting Services 2012 – Chart Series: Areas

Data Visualization plays an important role in the BI, as we know the Reporting services is one of the popular BI reporting tool in the Microsoft BI stack

In this I will demonstrate how to use charts in SQL server reporting services , specially we are going to focus on Area charts in this post

The most important thing in using the different charts in reporting services is that you have to know when to use right type of charts, as same information can be represented with  different visual elements so all it matters is using the right visual element in order to clearly expose the data characteristics to the business users

Area charts can be used for  Time series relationships and Distribution relationships

Time series relationships : A series of data points taken at equal intervals of time , this is the most used BI chat types, eg : sales over certain period of time

Distribution relationships: When a set of values is displayed across their entire range, this is especially used for measuring process efficiency, like no days, products complete

now you learnt little bit about charts we will see different types of Area charts

Area, Smooth Area, Stacked Area, 100% Stacked Area, 3-D Area, 3-D Smooth Area, 3-D Stacked Area, 3-D 100% Stacked Area

This is the preview of modified report

Customizing report using report properties


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