Len() and Datalength()

In this post we will go through two scalar functions

Len() is one of the string functions

Datalength is one of the Data type functions

so what does Len() do , it returns(int) the number of characters of the specified string expression, excluding trailing blanks.

excluding trailing blanks is an important note to remember when using Len() function




— It can also be used in select, where clause


@string varchar(100)

set @string =‘sqljunkieshare’

select LEN(@string)

 select * from dept

where LEN(dept_id)> 5


Datalength() is data type function (size of the data)

It returns the number of bytes used to represent any expression.



































Now you have a clear idea of what does LEN() and DATALENTH()  scalar functions do


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