Ad hoc update to system catalogs is not supported.

Configuration option ‘show advanced options’ changed from 1 to 1. Run the RECONFIGURE statement to install.
Msg 5808, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Ad hoc update to system catalogs is not supported.

to quick fix the above error use RECONFIGURE WITH OVERRIDE

Now, the reason why we are having that error is there is a setting called ‘allow updates’ which is a deprecated feature of SQL server 2000 , basically this allows the user to update the system tables directly in sql server although this feature is no longer available from SQL Server 2005 , but when this option is turned on or changed in SQL Sever 2005 or 2008 or R2, you will get an error message saying “Ad hoc update to system catalogs is not supported.” all though this feature is not supported then
why we are still receiving error ?, well when that option is changed, any “RECONFIGURE” is considered a side effect to the running server values but in this case if you use “WITH OVERRIDE” it worked as it overrides any warinings when we reconfigure

so do not use this feature


One thought on “Ad hoc update to system catalogs is not supported.

  1. Alex says:

    Hey man,
    this does not resolve issue. I did run this things on master and my own database just in case.
    I still getting this freekesh Msg 259, Level 16, State 1, Procedure SPNAME, Line 27
    Ad hoc updates to system catalogs are not allowed.
    Any other ideas how to fix this on SQL 2012?

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