My first time at SQL saturday (#129 Rochester)


Unfortunately I didn’t had enough time to update my experience at Sql Saturday #129 Rochester but here it is

First as I live in Pennsylvania so it’s a 3 hour journey to the north I packed my bags and reserved a hotel near Rochester institute of Technology that’s where SQL Saturday was held

I was very excited, normally I like travelling so anyway , I started here on Friday evening and reached there around 11 O’clock and had a good sleep and woke up around 7 O clock got my things together took a snapshot of the map and was at RIT by 8 30 , registration supposed to close around 8 45 , as soon as I got out of parking I met a guy who said he was also heading to SQL Saturday and this was his first time too and then we went inside took our badges and schedule, as I already made my schedule using schedule manager in sql saturday , so I pretty much knew what I am gona listen on that day , atmosphere was good and there were quite a few vendors for that event like redgate, confio…. for marketing there DBMS tools and other stuff where we can have a chance to get some freebies like eBooks, and books


Here  is my schedule for that day

What to look for Execution plans

Grant Fitchey

also a author of a book called SQL Server Execution plans , free eBook available to download on redgate

My first session , I was very excited because I was reading his book for a while (First chapter) lol, any way his presentation was pretty bold concentrating more on the first operator (Select insert update delete) and important properties of first operator

Compile time

Compile CPU

Cache plan size

Estimated number of rows

Estimated Subtree cost

Reason for early termination

Optimization Level


and we also looked at why seek or scan , and how to suppress key lookup , on the whole pretty good learned some new things

Next session

Top Tips writing better TSQL queries (beginer level)

How to format tsql for better readability

Naming standards (procedures(get update delete), naming variables)

Error handling

Unnecessary Explicit data conversion

Improper use of functions, query hints

On the whole pretty good topic to discuss , I’ve added a link to download his presentation

Top Tips for Better TSQL

Getting started with MDX

Willima E. Pearson III

Believe me most toughest thing to understand in SQL BI stack is MDX (Multi dimensional Expression language), its was the best presentation I’ve seen on the MDXeasy to understand for beginners , and we went through some beginner stuff like Dimensions, facts, members , SET, TUPLE . I havent had a chance to email him for asking his presentation once I get it, I will upload here so hold on and other two sessions you can see is from Randy Knight , well known sql guru I will post his session information in an another post because those are worth spending more time.

so that’s all from the sessions , at the end of the day they do this raffle drawing and I did not won anything and we finished our sql saturday there, and I made some new friends we went to movie it was fun , learned lot of stuff and am looking forward to attend the next sql saturday at Philadelphia soon.

Thank you


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