Hadoop 1.21 Name node startup issue

While I was trying to poke around in hadoop environment I noticed that namenode wouldn’t start up. After doing some research I found that its the IPv6 issue. So I summarized steps I took to resolve the issue




hadoop jps 1


hadoop start 2



We are starting the hadoop stack

hadoop missing name node 3

we can see the name node seems like it did not start as we can see in jps list

first step is make sure you can ssh local machine (

hadoop ssh port activity

I tried tee see port activity looks like entire hadoop stack is using Ip6. we can change this behavior by changing hadoop-env.sh file in conf directory


set hadoop to use ipv4


export HADOOP_OPTS=-Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true

stop all hadoop services and start hadoop stak

hadoop start 5 all